Deadline: May 30, 2010

The Hmong Studies Journal invites article submissions for its 2010 issue (Volume 11).

The Hmong Studies Journal is a unique and established peer-reviewed Internet-based
academic publication devoted to the scholarly discussion of Hmong history, Hmong
culture, Hmong people, and other facets of the Hmong experience in the U.S., Asia and
around the world. The Hmong Studies Journal has published 12 online issues in 10
volumes and more than 80 scholarly articles since 1996, over this time, the Hmong
Studies Journal has established itself as the most authoritative and widely cited scholarly
publication focused upon Hmong Studies.

The Hmong Studies Journal will accept the following types of submissions:

  • Original Research Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters/Commentary articles related to important scholarly issues in Hmong Studies
    and/or in response to other published scholarly works in Hmong Studies
  • Photo Essays (with Narratives) that inform about the adaptation of the Hmong
    diaspora and various aspects of the Hmong culture

Please note: As a peer-reviewed journal, the Hmong Studies Journal reserves the right to
suggest and request revisions to any submitted article. The editors, editorial board and
blind peer reviewers of the Hmong Studies Journal will review all articles and subsequent
drafts for possible submission and will decide whether articles are to be accepted or

Original Research Article manuscripts should be submitted in "Uniform format" and
should be organized, as follows:

1.  Abstract
2.  Introduction/Background
3.  Methods [and Material]
4.  Results
5.  Discussion
6.  References

Hmong Studies-related scholarly articles from all disciplinary backgrounds and
perspectives are welcome. Works considered for submission must not have been
previously published elsewhere. Works consisting primarily of non-original literature
reviews of other works generally are not accepted. Neither are works that consist
primarily of political-oriented commentary. Articles for submission review should be sent
by e-mail attachment to Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD, Editor,

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Hmong Studies Journal
Volume 10 Editorial Board:

 * Anne Frank, University of California, Irvine
 * Ly Chong Thong Jalao, University of California, Santa Barbara
 * Dr. Bruce Pamperin, University of Wisconsin-Stout
 * Dr. Mark Pfeifer, Texas A and M University, Corpus Christi, Editor  
 * Dr. Nicholas Tapp, Australian National University
 * Dr. Chia Youvee Vang, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 * Yang S. Xiong, University of California, Los Angeles

Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD
Editor, Hmong Studies Journal and Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center
Bell Library, Texas A and M University
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5702
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-5702
361-825-3392 (Office)