Hmong Studies Bibliographies

Please note: With the exception of the articles in the Hmong Studies Journal
( most of these articles and books cannot be found in full-text format on the
internet. We cannot post them due to copyright issues. Most larger academic (university) libraries
should have the majority of the journals and books listed but finding them will require old-fashioned
in-library research. In addition, the
Hmong Cultural Center Resource Library in Saint Paul has most of
them in its comprehensive collections.

Hmong Studies Publications from 2007-Present

Hmong Studies Publications from 1996-2006

Hmong Studies Publications from 1990-1995

Hmong Studies Publications from 1980-1989

Hmong Studies Publications from 1778-1979

Dictionaries, Bibliographies and Reference Works

Hmong History and Early Studies of the Hmong

The Hmong in Southeast Asia

The Hmong in China

The Hmong in Laos

The Hmong in Thailand

The Hmong in Vietnam

The Hmong and the War in Laos

Hmong Clans and Kinship

The Hmong Language

Hmong Religion, Religious Beliefs, and Christianity

Hmong Music

Hmong Courtship and Marriage Practices

Hmong Textiles, Clothing, and Storycloths

Hmong Folktales and Folklore

The Hmong New Year

Hmong Birth Customs and Parenting Practices

Hmong Views of Death and Funeral Practices

Hmong Refugee Resettlement and Residential Settlement Patterns

Hmong Cultural Values, Customs, and Acculturation in the West

Hmong Gender Relations and GLBT Issues

Health and Medical Issues Affecting the Hmong

Hmong Populations and Reproductive/Maternal Care

Hmong Populations and Cancer

Hmong Populations and Diabetes/Hypertension

Hepatitis-related Issues

Mental Health Issues and the Hmong

Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Usage

Hmong Traditional Healing and Folk Medicine

The Hmong Diet and Food Practices

Hmong Oral Histories

Adaptation of Older Hmong Adults

Adaptation of Hmong Youth and Generational Issues

Hmong Educational Adaptation

The Hmong and Higher Education

Hmong Populations and Primary Education

Hmong Politics

Race Relations and the Hmong

Socioeconomic Incorporation of the Hmong in Asia and the West

Children's Storybooks and Lesson Plans for Teachers

Internet Resources

Older Dissertations and Theses

Hmong Human Rights-Related News Articles from International Sources (1979-Present)
Newspaper and Magazine Articles Up to 1983

Lao Americans

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