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Center Editor -  Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD
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Thank you for visiting my site - the Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center. Here
is some information about myself. Please feel free to contact me with your
questions and comments. My contact info is below.

Educational Background

I am a native of Madison, WI. I hold a B.A. in Urban Affairs from Marquette
University in Milwaukee. My undergraduate experiences at Marquette awakened
my interest in Urban issues and Social Justice concerns.

I became interested in the adaptation of Southeast Asian-origin immigrants and
refugees while working on my MA degree in Urban Studies at Temple University in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My
MA thesis looked at Vietnamese institutions,
businesses, and residential settlement in the Argyle Street neighborhood of
Chicago, Illinois as well as several Philadelphia neighborhoods including South
Philadelphia, Kensington, Olney, Logan, West Philadelphia, Mount Moriah, and
Upper Darby. At the time of my MA research I also began tutoring Vietnamese
immigrant adults as a volunteer for an ESL program run at a Vietnamese Catholic
Church in South Philadelphia. This engaging experience further sharpened my
interest in Vietnamese American culture and the adaptation of Vietnamese people
to life in North America.

A few years later I moved on to Canada to pursue a PhD in Geography at the
University of Toronto. For my
PhD dissertation, I broadly studied Vietnamese
adaptation and the development of Vietnamese ethnic institutions in the Toronto
metropolitan area and Southern Ontario. During my time in Canada, I lived for 2
years with a Vietnamese family in the Downsview section of Toronto. I also
became very active tutoring Vietnamese youth who belonged to a Vietnamese
Catholic congregation. These terrific experiences informed my writing and analysis
in many ways.

I subsequently earned a second Master's degree, this time in Library Science from
the University of North Texas as I became involved in Librarianship.

Engagement in the Community

From 2000-2006 I was proud to serve as the Director of the Hmong Resource
Center Library at the Hmong Cultural Center located in St. Paul, MN. In this
position, endowed with extremely limited financial resources, I was gifted to be
able to build an institution which is now the largest centralized collection of
Hmong-related academic materials in the United States. For the past thirteen
years, I have been the grantwriter for the Hmong Cultural Center and have helped
the center obtain numerous grants from Minnesota foundations as well as five
grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, multiple grants from the MN
State Arts Board and the Minnesota Historical Society and grants from the
Minnesota Department of Education and numerous Minnesota and national
foundations. I helped the Hmong Cultural Center set up an ESL program to serve
Hmong refugees arriving from Wat Tham Krabok in Thailand between 2004-2006.

While at Hmong Cultural Center, I took a special interest in Human Rights and
Social Justice as well as Cultural Sensitivity issues. I helped the center's library
develop collections of articles going back 25 years related to race relations issues
and discrimination encountered by Hmong populations in the United States as well
as Human Rights concerns Hmong populations have encountered as a minority
group in Laos, Thailand, China and Vietnam. In recent years, I have served as an  
advocate to federal and state lawmakers to try to ensure that elderly and disabled
Hmong refugees with medical waivers have access to culturally appropriate
classes taught in the Hmong language to help them earn U.S. citizenship.

In 2004, I helped the Hmong Cultural Center develop its successful program of
"Hmong 101" trainings about Hmong culture and history for professionals and
community members. Thousands of persons including many health care workers,
teachers and criminal justice system employees have attended these trainings in
Minnesota over the past several years. With multiple National Endowment for the
Arts grants and local Arts funding support, I helped the Cultural Center develop
Learn about Hmong website featuring videos and information about the Hmong
Cultural Arts. I still actively assist the Hmong Cultural Center as a grantwriter and
advisor to the organization's staff and board.

While residing in Saint Paul, I was also very involved in the Hmong community in
additional ways. From 2004-2006, I served as Co-Chair of the
Hmong Resource
Fair.  In 2006, I served on the local Minneapolis organizing committee of Hmong
National Development's annual Hmong National Conference.

Scholarly Interests and Accomplishments/Teaching

My current research interests are centered upon Hmong, Vietnamese, Cambodian,
and Lao demography, socioeconomic incorporation and institution-building in North
America. An example of a recent article I have published on this topic may be
viewed in the
Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement.
Since 2003, I have served as editor of the
Hmong Studies Journal, a peer
reviewed, scholarly research journal and have helped the journal develop content
sharing relationships with major scholarly database aggregators including EBSCO,
ProQuest, Gale/Cengage, H.W. Wilson and Asia Studies Full-Text. Since 2000, I
have been editor of a
Hmong Studies newsletter and have been a bibliographer of
Hmong Studies research for several years.

In 2004, in partnership with Hmong National Development and several scholars, I
organized and produced the
Hmong 2000 Census Publication which was probably
the most comprehensive assessment of Hmong demographics and census data
that has ever been made available. In 2012, I organized the
special 2010 Census
issue of the Hmong Studies Journal which features analysis of Hmong American
population and demographic trends by several scholars of Hmong American

Scarecrow/Rowman Littlefield published my Hmong Studies bibliography titled
Annotated Bibliography of Hmong-Related Works 1996-2006 in the Fall of 2007.
In 2009, I co-edited with Dr. Nicholas Tapp,
A Hmao (Hua Miao) Songs, Stories
and Legends from China
, a compilation of Ah Hmao (Hua Miao) folk songs and
folk stories published by Lincom. In 2013, I served as lead editor for
Diversity in
Diaspora: Hmong Americans in the Twenty-First Century published by the
University of Hawaii Press.

I have also built a
Vietnamese-Studies related website which includes census data,
extensive bibliographies, and an online research library and academic journal.

I also currently serve on the editorial boards of the
Journal of Southeast Asian
American Education and Advancement and the Journal of Lao Studies.  

I currently serve as a Lecturer in Anthropology for the
State University of New
York Institute of Technology in Utica, NY.


From July 2006 through October 2011, I was employed as an Academic Librarian
Texas A and M University in Corpus Christi, Texas, a growing university of
10,000 students in the Gulf Coast region of South Texas. In this position, I worked
as a Reference and Instruction Librarian, taught information literacy classes to
students (undergraduate and graduate students in various disciplines) and
coordinated the library's database and resource guides and serve as a liaison to
the Education (Teacher Education, Educational Administration, Kinesiology,
Athletic Training, Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction and Special Education)
Geography, Geology, and GIS programs. I am also active in Librarianship as a
Reviewer of Ethnic Studies, Geography and Urban Studies books for CHOICE
magazine of the American Library Association. At Texas A and M University,
Corpus Christi I previously served on the University's Faculty Senate. In February
2011, I passed my 5 year review (system of tenure review for librarians) and was
awarded continuing appointment as a professional librarian at the university.
a webpage devoted to my work in Librarianship here.

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