Minneapolis, Minnesota Photo Essay

Nicollet Avenue South extending from about the 2400 to 2900
blocks in Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to a growing Vietnamese
business and institutional district.

The history of Nicollet Avenue South is somewhat similar to that of
University Avenue West in Saint Paul and Argyle Street in Chicago.
Nicollet Avenue South was home to an older shopping district and
many empty storefronts by the 1980s. Vietnamese entrepreneurs
have helped revive the area. In St. Paul, there is a notable
residential concentration of Vietnamese and especially Hmong
origin individuals living in the adjacent Frogtown neighborhood. In
Minneapolis, there is no nearby residential concentration of
Southeast Asian residents. Vietnamese residents live throughout
Minneapolis and the Twin Cities suburbs. However on weekends in
particular, Nicollet Avenue attracts large numbers of
Vietnamese-speaking diners and shoppers. While this section of
Nicollet Avenue possesses many Indochinese businesses, it also
houses several establishments targeted toward Mexican and East
African customers.

The photos were taken New Years Eve, Dec. 31, 2000 and New
Years Day, Jan. 1, 2001.