December 2008 myself at the Hmong Cultural Center Resource Library in Saint Paul
Here I am at Hmong Cultural Center sometime around 2004 or so.
In this picture taken in early June 2006 in the Hmong Resource Center Library at the Hmong Cultural
Center in Saint Paul, MN, I am on the right. To my left are veteran students in my advanced Adult
ESL group - Nor Bee Xiong, Her Xiong, and Her Pao Chang. All 3 students are Hmong who moved to
St. Paul from Wat Tham Krabok, Thailand in 2004-05 as part of the refugee resettlement of 15,000
Hmong to the U.S. from the Wat in the 2004-06 period.
Here I am by the ocean on Mustang Island in Corpus Christi, my current residence in May 2010.
Here I am in December 2009 at Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul